Then came the 80's and a new manager, Roy Massey. Just when they thought it was all over, Roy steered Alvin toward Pete Waterman, Pete had a song...The song was 'Pretend'. Despite all the major labels liking the song soon as it was revealed that it was Alvin Stardust they backed off. Dave Robinson saved the day by signing Alvin to the most street cred label around, Stiff Records. who at the time had top acts Madness, Elvis Costello etc on thier books. 'Pretend' was released on the Stiff Labell in September 1981. It shot up the charts and reached number four in the UK, and went to number one in numerious countries around the world. Boyed by the success of “Pretend” other tracks were released, including “A Wonderful Time Up There” which was descibed as “a thunderous slab of gospel rock”.  TV appearence followed on again and Alvin also joined the stars performing for Her Majesty the Queen at The Royal Command Perfornace, Drury Lane.

Four more singles between 1982-84 were released on the Stiff Label.

In 1983 he starred along side Lensey De Paul in Granda Tvs “The Starlight Ballroom” playing the role of a 1940s Dance band leader. 1984 sees him doing charity work for Save The Children and comples a book “Tales From The Saddle” a collection of humourous horse and riding stories with a forward by HRH Princess Anne.

1984 sees another change in record labels and he signs up with Chryalis and brings out “I Won’t Run Away”  Mar 1985 his is highjacked outsite a TV studio by Eamon Andrews with his big red book and is the subject of his “This Is Your Life”

TV show. Also that year he joins Shelia Walsh on Tv and co-hosts “The Rock Gospel Show”.  !987 sees Alvin recieve the

Music Business Diamond Award. The rest of the decades remaining years sees various single/ album releases on a few different labels. Then in 1988 he joins the cast of the musical “Godspell” and starts a nationwide tour. On this tour he meets his wife Julie, and they have been together ever since.

In 1981 ATV record a follow up series to the successful “Oh Boy” show called “Let’s Rock” again featuring Alvin alongside Lulu, Joe Brown & Shakin’Stevens.