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Glyn Davis (Lead Guitar)

I began learning the guitar around the age of 14 and started playing local gigs at the age of 16 in 1975 in a local band called Snaps. I turned fully professional at the age of 17 and performed in many different bands. In 1976 I bought "Kid Charlemagne" and was totally hooked on the music from then on. Misspent youth?

The main gig I've been involved with since 1979 has been touring with Alvin Stardust. This has enabled me to play all over the UK, Europe, and the Middle East in venues large and small, as well as on T.V. shows etc.Other "names" I have worked with are Shakin' Stevens and Gilbert O' Sullivan. I was even in the original DSO lineup way back in 1997! The music of Becker and Fagen has always held a special appeal for me and it never fails to give me a buzz as we step up to "do the 'Dan".

Guitars: I normally use either a Paul Reed Smith custom 22 or a Paul Reed Smith McCarty Model depending on how I feel at the time, although every now and again I may bring out the old 1963 Fender Strat for a blast. Generally it's the PRS's for me. In the words of Carlos Santana, "They are God's guitars.", and they pretty much do it for me.

Strings: Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys 10 - 46 on everything.

Amps: I use a Mesa Boogie Mk III, which I use for the Dan Collective. It has the sound pretty much nailed for Steely Dan material in my opinion. I run the amp with 6L6's in the power stage (for you techno's). My spare is a Mesa Rectoverb 50, a new addition, which I tend to use for my Alvin Stardust gigs as the old Mk III is in semi retirement now. They are both great amps but with subtly different characters. I tend to use the Recto loaded with EL34's for a more "Brit" sound with real class.

Effects: I use sparingly, in fact at the moment I'm not using anything at all for the Dan collective set, the idea being to keep it as basic as possible but, for the record, I do have a Rocktron Intellifex to call on if needed. Hope that gives you axemen some useful tips on my approach to the 'Dan should you fancy tackling some yourselves?

Dave Clarke Glyn Davis Dan Guest