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The Godfather of British Rock & Roll - (Ronnie Wood, Rolling Stones)

Dave Clarke (Bass Guitar)

Playing Bass for 18 years I come from a diverse (to say the least) musical background. Immersed in the sounds from the likes of James Brown, Level 42, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Wonder, The Police, Jamiroquai, Queen, Weather Report, Frank Zappa, E.W.F, Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Living Colour, Funkadelic, Jeff Buckley, Bootsy Collins, Bob Marley, Parliament, Prince, Santana, Pearl Jam, Miles Davis and many more Funk, Rock, Latin, Reggae, etc bands/artists, I knew Bass was the way I wanted to go.

Playing with artists such as Sarangi player, composer, fusion pioneer Surinder Sandhu (recorded 2 Albums 'Cycles & Stories' & 'The Fictionist'), Midlands blues-rock band 'Hangman' (opened up for acts such as Brian May and Whitesnake), to gigs with 'Taz' (Asian pop band 'Stereo Nation') to mention only a few.

Having a blast now playing in the Alvin Stardust band. Also enjoyed playing Bass for Alvins new album. Great players, great guys, great gigs...

Guitars: A user and endorsee of 'Sandberg' Bass Guitars, I use a Musicman and many other Basses - 14 in total (I know, I know…).

Amps: I use EBS, Phil Jones and Ashdown Amplification.

Effects: Way too many effect pedals to mention (seriously, there are that many!).

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